‘Statues of Limitations’ – how many have you become ? 0518 Monday 17 July 2017 —–>

We may ask :.

” What the heck is this
‘new big-issue situation’
doing –
calling me “a collection-of-crippling-statues – ?”

Put simply –
to ‘graduate’ from university-training or NVQ Practical-Skillings
into a ‘decent job’ and a ‘secure socially-mobile career’
you need to have been cooperatively-and-servilely ‘fitted’
with varieties and successions of
specialist “blinkers”
[ like a horse ‘gets’ fitted to focus its eyes and therefore its actions strictly in front –

by shutting-out both sides ] –

We {me-and-whoever}  happen to be following TV Spooks – “Tom ‘is’ – an undercover MI5 infiltrator “Lieutenant David Getty” to spy-out a growing  Rebel-Army-Plot”  –

in which the rebel senior officer starts trusting and confiding in Tom (disguised and officially-documented as a 28yo British multi-war-hero)

and the ego-deluded rebel  major starts speaking of his picture on the wall
of the Charge Of The Light Brigade
which Lt Getty (our Tom) knows the detailed history of and its commander’s name
– and  the rebel Major says “It’s there to remind me how a soldier can be remembered for the Wrong reasons” –

and then the major goes down into how “training” further rebels is the Task – because
alas! the bloody Army’s ‘efficiently-rapidly issued the teenager-recruit with the wrong pair of boots. —

and our Tom ‘deeply’ remarks
” It’s no good trying to turn a man into a soldier if you start off by crippling him -“


Now –

 here in these e-sites


we’re becoming more aware
of how not only each of us as individual-persons
but as members of the whole world of human civilisations

need to time-and-again
with the right and best-available knowledge, know-how,
and peacefully-revolutionary “equipment”.to make ourselves and our longest-term civilisation

Once again then –


Welcome to Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthy-ing


——- but first-light is already upon our new ‘working-week’ —0517
—and here at this Sustainworthying Lifeplace ‘Station’ —
we each need to be “self-and-own-lifeplace choring” awhile –
— 0500 M 17 07 17 —JSDM (author-publisher not-for-profit, power.nor prestige)