“Sustain-worthy-ing” is Unavoidably Vital to All-Humankind on Earth – Start Now

. Start into the Facts and Factors
of Earth-&-Humankind’s
Insidiously Worsening Predicament.
 Why our soon 8,000,000,000 people on this Earth,
and the human-civilisations that both “free” and “imprison” us all
need to become highest-priority both personally-individual and collectively  “sustain-worthy-ing”.

Take in  the “bad” news from such TV Documentaries, DVDs, and Environmental Reports & Educational Courses

How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth
State of the Planet
Doomsday 2210

Environmental Studies (Australian TV led by a New England Universities team built-up of international experts)

seriously skim through
the basics and foundations lists so far compiled by these three not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites
http://lifefresh.net [this site]
http://www.lifefresh-co.uk ;
http://www.one-human-living.com ‘

which will lead you into a great deal of “good” news, too



Continue grasping the new knowledge and know-how available for peacefully-majorly advancing into “self-&-civilisation sustain-worthy-ing”

  1.  Salient Researches by individual experts and teams, three are simple to “grasp”

(1) Perceptual Self-Control [begun by a Prof W,Powers team, summarised as
“success in learning and performing is its own reward and needs no “extra-rewards, bonuses, pats-on-the-back, bribes, industrial strikes for more pay,
and so on down  “rewards” versus “punishments” slippery-slopes”] –
and is far more effective and productive than the still-world-wide-dominant Reinforcement theory “good girl/boy -bad girl/boy”

(2)  Mindset [Prof Caroline Dweck’s team – found that focusing upon your existing strengths (e.g. “ongoing straight A’s in one specialist subject or Faculty only)
insidiously leads to incrfeasing need for support out in the long-span Lifeplace but also in your chosen Workplace] –
whereas finding your failures ‘interesting’ and brushing them up to a pass or “scrape-through” level would find you graduating equally with the “failure-avoiding straight-A’s” and becoming self-supporting throughout your ensuing years in both the Workplace and the Lifeplace.

(3)  Superimmunity [Dr Paul Pearsall leads us through new knowledge and know-how in becoming all-round and in-depth “super-immune” to disease,illness, and ‘poorliness’ – Habitually ‘Hot’-running people generally develop heart-problems
whereas ‘Cold’-running people develop Cancer problems :  so ouir task becomes running between the warm and the cool states, habitually
– the whole book makes very interesting, often amusing and captivating “cases” and self-healthing knowledge and know-how available to the reader}

So does
(4)  Your Body: biofeedback at its best without instruments, machines and artificiality –
by Dr Beata Jencks -a classic and evergreen “encyclopedia” of personal-self-know-how

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C.  Ins-&-Outs of Sustain-worthy-ing

Both “naturally” and “human-civilisationally”
some things are absolutely essential –
clean drinking water, sufficient food, shelter, and “right-activity” are human basics and need longest-term planning as constitutional ‘waste-not-want-not’ -foundations.
They are followed in various gradings as  continuing “lifesupports”
needing prioritisation to balance their respective and ‘competitive’ importances and urgencies -.

——————-  what kind of “list” are you making, of such Priorities ? ———-



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