Our ‘Present’

Sunday  –  used to be the compulsory “day of rest”
now more like a
‘Threats-to-Life Exploitations and Lifesupportiveness-Avoidance Day’  ?   ?

millions-upon-millions of
Life-Depreciative “private” cars, charabancs, and motor-bikes –
all “swanning about”
dutifully “consuming”
and having a “hard-earned holy-day” –

“In God’s Almighty Holy Name – all anti-sustainworthy-ing -”
” – such majorities of socially-mobile people can’t be wrong -“

====== 1000 ———>  “more choring”
and trying to make ‘space’ for a sustainworthier dwelling-place –  here or wherever ======>

0439 St 22 07 17

for 90 minutes basic,
plus “after-dreaming and resting timeframes
Three women and three men
(1) beginning midnight 0000 concluding 0130 onwards in five minute timeframes.

co-comfortable-ing and co-self-controlling

now with ‘yours faithfully’  involved
Nighhtime, cardinal 90minute timeframes best -.allowing regularly spoaced ‘resy’ minuytes – or 10s, 20x, 30s of seconds ‘uniots –

Daytime natural alternation timeframe is three-hours, your body slowly “pendujlates’ from right side dominace to left side)