Your “Shadow” ——->

“You” (and me) in this “Western-world”
being an integral part of not just a “developed civilisation”
but of a “leadingly-democratic” one ——->

we have our individual and personal “shadow” made up
of every level
of the Now-Earthlife-Wasting-Destroying-&-Extincting
Modernly-Growing “Traditional” Human Civilisation “Shadow”


some of us get ‘interested’ – ‘captivated’ even,  by such TV dramas as Spooks 

here just reviewed the episode about a “Western Oil” magnate secretly employing
– “professional”  fighters, assassins, criminals, even ‘mass-murderers –
for covert ‘operations’ and usually very big “remunerations”.

One of “our” best secret-service agents who has been previously captured and ultimately-deeply tortured
now “has” to torture a British ex-serviceman-hero,
who otherwise unemployable
has turned for his ‘crust-of-bread’ to become
‘mercenary without knowing what for, nor who is “employing” and “paying” him –

UK MI 5 has to stop a mass-murderous bomb-attack somewhere in the London area –
and so must interrogate him urgently to find out where the attack will be and who is behind it –

and the best man for the job is someone who knows, ‘first-hand’, the in-and-outs, and effects-on-the-victim, of
– torture.

++++++  Your-and-My-Percentage-Responsibility-Problem —–> Now Raises Its Overwhelmingly-Ugly-^-Crucifixial “Head” :- 

“Our Man of The Secret Defence of the British Realm” -pours nothing but contempt upon this ex-serviceman,

saying tellingly at the end
” I have served my Country for my bread-and-butter.  But you – you’re  self-bloating  mass-murdering big-money-mercenary – a traitor.”

——->  A “traitor” – “drawing big-money for one-self by sending others to their harm, crippling-disablement, or dirty-death.” [Definition].

(A Mindful-suspicion:-
what various levels of “traitor” does that make our whole “British Individually Capitalist -‘Socially-Mobile Civilisation-Pyramid’ –
of tens-of-millions of multiple-human-livings-drawing Civil Servants – and “Private”-Sector “competitive”- middle-classes, and even skilled-workers ? )


Won’t Someone Please Lend Us Some Hope, Charity, and Faith  ? –

it’s very nigh Sunday ———>

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