Self-Sustainworthy-ing Requires You To Be Continuously and Continually “Doing-the-Right-Thing”


Making both your-self
including ‘situationally’ your various “selfs” [sic] or “sub-selves” :
[check with Gurdjieff’s “We are each many “I’s” co-supportively]

and making or co-making your surrounding civilisation
and ASAP longest-term
reliably Sustain-worthy


this involves you in “doing more right-things” (and doing each better-and-better accordingly)

and at the same overall-timeframe (e.g. of an hour, a day, a week, amonth, a whole year -)
not doing wrong or non-longest-term-sustainworthy things”


Instances of wrong, non-sustainworthy or anti-sustainworthy things,
of random “size-and seriousness”

(1)  Drawing more than one-human-living from the Common (and/or “Private”) Purse and/or ‘Environment
is “serious”
according to how-many human-livings you are drawing, have been drawing, and intend to be drawing.

(2)  Supporting “toxic”, “junk”, “criminal”, “profiteering” industries, goods, services, organisations, individuals is similarly
[e.g. smoking; alcoholising, “swanning” about in a car or on a motorbike, in any sense “wasting”-time-energy-health-lifesupports.

(3)  Failing to “de-conflate” your-self, and neighbours or others you interact with, at any time when such would be possible
e.g. clarifying the essential distinction between the “words” describing or defining a thing, and the “actual-sense/functioning” of the thing itself
[ was it Wittgenstein who led such clear-thinking ?].

There an opening “sketch” of “doing the right thing”

and therein  becoming personally “sustainworthier” and civilisationally more “sustainworhty-ing”

——— 1800 Friday 14 July 2017 ——————>  {[( chores )]}