Human Civilisation’s Main Arterial Communication BLOCKAGES

Governments, NGOs, and “The Private Sector” Galore
“Thrive” off BLOCKAGING- –

but one doesn’t expect to be up-front blocked by such Bodies as “people-direct-two-way information-sharing”
instance this minute by  Wikipedia ——->

We just typed into their “Prayer”webpage box the following  .

The best form of “prayer” is “right-action” = “deeds before words”.
John Sydney Denton Miles.1242 F 14 July 2017 from 39B Miles Mitchell Avenue, PL6 5LY, U.K.

  • Wikipedia’s front page has “blocked” it.
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  • Then, carry on reading below,  “Desperandum”
    as a Keele University Women-Students block of personal rooms quotation-signposted  their entrance (1954)
    “Abandon Hope  All Ye Who Enter Here” 
  • 1305 Friday 14th