Emergencies – of various dimensions and timeframes –


Emergencies – of various dimensions and timeframes – will be occurring and increasing



‘your’  – a word fortuitously containing ‘our’ –
most immediately sensible
and strategicly-sustainworthy

to be self-and-surrounding-civilisation sustain-worthy-ing –

I’m alternating “chores” with “keeping-my-pecker-up”
body comfortably stretching and moving as best possible.

Here in this single bedsit-flat 39B PL6 5LY  U.K.
we’re also finding any “interesting” or “right-emotional” TV channels,
news, documentaries  and reasonably ‘realistic’ movies –
such as the “extremely cold cloud that could sweep up across Tasmania, instantly-freezing everyone to death”
[paused at present whilst cold-mashed-potato-&-brown-sauce also “fortifies” at least some of us] – 2249 —-> 2309 —>

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