Why does “Health” Not Exist in Britain ?


Words are simply “internal shapes-in-the-human-mind” – representing real tangible and palpable “external-events and things-on-the-ground” ” .

Thus when we look into all the existences in and around the word “Health” and its ‘derivative’ “health”
we quickly come up with such an description as
“The National Health Service cures my illness, so that I can go home and build my individual “health”..

But the Problem is complex
, however,
(1)  Under British Law there is no such legal entity as “health”.
(2) There is no “wellness-health-building” service in Britain
only the unfortunately 1948 politically mis-named mainstream-medical “National Health Service”[


so from just that insight, “the Problem” becomes clearer,
and one may even start solving it,
at least in better words and plannings-ideas  :-     .

Constitutionally create a
New British Health Sector
and make it three-fold –

  1. (1)  The New British Health and Wellbeing Building Service
    [utterly separate from the Medical, Nursing, Chemists and Gymnasium “fitnesses” sectors]

(2) The Impairments Remediations and Reversals Service.

(3)   The British Medical, Nursing and Hospitals Service (i.e. the existing NHS simply and truthfully re-named)


Numbers of serious-minded people are considering this clearer Need
and the sometimes “strange-seeming” need
to be “Self-&-Civilisation Sustain-worthy-ing”

these newer awarenesses including increasing numbers of workers in the “NHS” –
(therein even some up-front orthodox-traitional volunteers,
such as at Derriford Hospital Plymouth UK,
“Andrew” and “Margaret” –

and there also frequently visiting, sometimes on a daily basis
(if only for a ‘square-meal’ and a sober chat) –
other “self-and-civilisation-sustain-worthy-ing” wellness-building folk,

and some ‘”New Earth-Citizenships-Preparation Movement” members
as an English-learning and practicing  ‘dyad’ calling themselves “John Denton and Sydney Miles”

and many randomly-occasional “friends-of-wellness-building”.


The “new basics” and “foundations” lists show plentifully-helpful key guidances .
http://www.one-human-living.com  .

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