Stand Up, Stand Up ———–> for “Jesus” ———> is “Gee, that’s Us” !!!

A few years ago the Anglican Church and its members (amongst others) began “excommunication-moves”
against my elderly-female-caree and against myself (including as her carer Plymouth City Council No. P77099)
(and ongoingly now as the author and publisher of this not-for-profit.power nor prestige, discussion e-site).

in so doing they were (and do still remain)
both actively & passively hostile to
Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthying and Holistic-Health co-building. persons and their foundational-guidances
– including being “inhibitive” (hostile) towards their very own members’ and priests’ publications
e.g. Let’s Do Theology;
The Dark Side of Christian History
Rescuing Jesus From The Christians

Unlocking The Bible.


I, this author, John Sydney Denton Miles, am a practicing if “agnostic” “Divinityist”.-
and one of my “contributions to the current human-race is my music-and-words life-experience.

Thus I come to be attempting communication with those who would “excommunicate” me –

such as by responding to the Plymouth Mannamead Emmanuel Church as follows :-

ORGAN  to Emmanuel Rev Preb Karl Freeman

Can you give me a few half-hour slots per week for organ practice, ongoingly please ?

Always subject to higher-priorities of course.

I could be there any day first thing in the morning –  to last thing in the evening.

My teacher once a week is – – – – – – – – .

I have also long been a paid-up member of the Organists Association,

and have remained an In-The-World seriously practicing Trinitarian, and both Orthodox and Unorthodox Christianity supporter.

Best regards,

John Miles.

===========0959 W 12 07 17 jsdm ===========

What will now “transpire” ?