“8” makes both a wonderful figure and a very-highly health-&-human-ability challenger : please read on —->

—–>  Apparently very simple –

” – just ‘draw’ a figure of eight -” .

Now the same with one hand in the air, in the three Space-domain directions successively ongoingly
– and vary it a little sometimes –

Note:  The Space Domain consists of the “so-called” dimensions namely:-
horizontal; vertical; and longitudinal;
now, these are not “quantities” but “directions”.
There is another and different  ‘ruling’ domain for all quantification and dimensionality
;naturally’ called The Quantity Domain **


Now you might continue making the 8-shape in the air –
first ‘circlingly’ and ‘equi-speedly’*
then ‘squarely’ (and still ‘equi-speedly’) ***



  • * Not necessarily “speedily” – yet sometimes in varying ways, yes.

**  And for the time being,  let’s make it “ok” to say “multi-dimensionally”


*** Surely, we all need to be ongoing-learners – even [especially perhaps] the “leaders”, “teachers” and “experts”.





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