0500 Sn 9th July 17 – “… something new … “

0626 Sn 09 07 17  —————————–> (6pm Sunday – home and news-ing, recording some of the English channels’ news reports {I do deeply hope they are spin-doctoring-free )


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The seriously Self-and-Civilisation-sustainworthying reader

might like to know that

among the new-foundation and basics Guidances we have at hand, for “co-learning & implementing
and in a few cases have enough copies for at least our first group of three to start co-using
[when the ‘right’ other two sustainworthying-ers ‘invite me into their group ‘
‘join-with-me’ in starting an inter-connective series of “sustainworthying threesomes”].


Your Body -biofeedback at its best without instruments, machines and artificiality [author Dr Beata Jencks];

Superimmunity [author Dr Paul Pearsall ]“how to make yourself super-immune to illness, disease and general ‘low-spirits’ “


awaking (slowly enough, thank God)
was north-headed
but ‘behaving’ and sub-consciously thinking
as if I were feet to the north i.e. ‘south-headed. –
[no doubt some reader will find interest in such a ‘self-monitoring finding-or-question – ?]

if not then ‘we’ apologise –

to Sunday prayer-chores and first taxi to a suitably public ‘safe’ place [such as Derriford level 6 – } by 0700 {now 0630}

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