A Little “New” – now

Desperation needs to be “aired”, because –

( for instance, lest it “fester” into enlisting in some sort of undercover “Dissent-Body”)

our human-civilisation is taking us all down a extinctional-slippery-slope –

the following has been sent out at 8 a.m. today (Saturday 8th July)
to blindly-one-way-pushing Global Citizen People-Manipulator

                                                                                                        There is no compromise possible.


                                                                                                       1.Respond to my previous messages;

and appreciate the e-sites
and the JSDM/JohnSydney Denton Miles submissions
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2. Consider yourselves and organisation “at war”
with Sustainworthying Human Selves and Civilisations & with this Earth1’s Lifesupports and Lifesupportive-Needs.. –
and unsubscribe me.
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