Major Self-Improvement Problem, and “personally-collective disaster” :


Eric Franklin in Alignment Through Imagery makes the point with this brief heading :-

Wrong Habits that Feel Right


.Other real-life-leaders likewise warn against “backsliding” –
making the improvement one day but by the next day are already slipping back into the old wrong or ‘bad’ habit(s).

Dr Michele C. Reed, in her own personal need for maintaining self-improvement as part of just remaining healthy,
that you have to keep doing the better (new) thing and stopping the worse thing(s).

And ‘though her little key-book’s title is very “macho”, old-fashioned-power-building Mentally Fit Physically Strong

we can see in her little chapter to “Move. Move .Move”
that indeed keeping on making small gentle changes in our movement,

and slowly making a varied-continuity through out the day (and night, when awake)

one is “cracking” the basic “life-secret” –

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