Britain’s “Modern” Position : [ – Ouch! -] but ———> {your thoughts please ?} 2207 Th 29 06 17

1.  64 million citizens, each consuming 5 (five) times their fair-share of this Earth’s resources and produce:
but “up-in-arms” that we are being forced into “cuts” and “austerity” .

whilst the continuing Conservative-Tory government and its coalitioning-power-manipulating,
has increased our National Debt billions of ££ in excess of what Labour had done,
into Trillions of £££..

2.  Britain’s Increasingly exclusive focus upon separate  “Workplace-Excellences”

to the neglect, waste, and detriment of our Lifeplaces’ sustainworthier enablements

{by the Work-and-Careers-Places’ “one-point-social-mobility” focus
further security-domineering by “closed-ranks tough exclusionisms”
and judicially-‘thorny-and-prickly’ adversarially conflictingly stances
and “best form of defence-is-attack” tactics and strategy

to the inhibition of –
and to the insidious-as-well-as-blatant ‘toxification’ of
the Lifeplace’s 128 hours per week;

and of the “perfection-stultification” of Lifeplace-Personal-Individual-Learning
and likewise “laggardlinessing” of Associational and Neighbourhood up-dating progress

3.  “



====== there are further inhibitive-negatives accruing, too —
—but 9 pm and “choring” calls — and this e-site reporter/author/publisher is only a “one-man-band” ==

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Remembered an “holistic health building need”
from Dr Beata Jencks’s “encyclopaedic” work Your Body:biofeedback at its best without instruments, machinery or artificiality.
(i) ‘Body Balance and Movement’:

“Ease yourself into positions extremely slowly”  (page 181)

(ii)  Self-Massage: “Self-massage can be learned easily, can be performed anywhere at any time, and needs no special clothing or equipment” (page 185)

(iii)  …// …// [there are many more of such guidances}

(iv)  Can you see our British “No Touch Society”and “No-Touch Christian Religion” allowing any such thing ?

– – the State is also “policing” you for “indecent” or “un-social” behaviour -. so that you dare not even touch yourself “anywhere at any time” –




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