Wrong Language – Downright-Lying- No Excuse.


There is NO excuse for using Wrong Language in Defining, Reporting, or otherwise Communicating About, An Event or Matter,

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We already know about deliberate false-descriptives
such as
“Friendly Fire” instead of the bare truth “Shot-In-Back-By-Own-Troops”

“Ethnic Cleansing”
instead of the facts of
“Persecuting, Insulting, Dispossessing, Evicting, Exiling, Looting, Torturing,
Murdering, and Genociding  ‘Odd’ or ‘Strange’ yet peaceful and law-abiding  Neighbours”

[ ————  “the bottom”  ————– read on downwards, please

We need to start listing such deliberate lies and deceptions

today’s  ‘breaking news’ provides furtherverbal cover-ups“, “red-herrings”, “strawmen”, and deliberate falsehoods –

Majorly Overarching Survival Threat-
Britons are already consuming 5-times more than their fair-share of the World’s Produce:-

remember that for 100 years, and maybe more,  the British People have ‘averaged out’ to be consuming (including ‘wasting’)
up to 5(five) times more of this Earth’s lifesupports and produce than is their fair-share,
and are still literally being driven by the “leaders” and “consumer business captains”
to “need” and to vote and clamour for ‘more’

News today Wednesday 28 06 17, our British National Survival is being “threatened”
by “austerity cuts
which slash through the very flesh, blood and spirit of the lowest-income peoples

whilst the already-bloated-rich, royal, and upper-classes, (who remain “stuck” and “others-sticking”)
as “core-essential super-privileged governance minorities”
but are through-and-through hugely-and-super-costly self-crippling by inherently-traditional delusions-of-grandeur
(and continue thereby to be constitutionally, legislatively, judiciarily, and ‘culturally’ also downwards crippling of all-of-the-People-all-of-the-time)
such ‘rich’ getting further ‘enriched’ –

by the Great British Establishment and by all political parties
not just by the newly ‘ruling’  May-Tories/DUP ‘gang-alliance’


“Historicly” and “traditionally” underlying that destructively skulk other parasites
(i)  Police
[Uk-wide, but possibly worldwide too]
are notoriously corrupt in applying deliberate “entrapment skills”
commonly known as “verbalising” “suspects” to create infringements where none existed before..

(ii)  And practically all organisations “employ” denial, cover-up, and ‘re-definitioning’ to avoid the Truth.

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