What ‘Human-Race-Revolution’ is Overdue

What ‘Revolution’ is Overdue  

Who Needs to Make It  – Preferably Peacefully –

and How Now Continue Its Still-Invisible Beginnings?


Worldwide and throughout the United Nations and Downwards,

there needs to be a Democratic-Recognition of the World-Peoples as the Sovereign Power 

whilst “We” [the People “at the ‘grass-roots’ bottom”]
catch up with our Sustainworthy-Governance enablements, abilitries and skills –
even with just cumulative micro-skills –

start founding, establishing and propagating
New Participatively-Sustainworthyh-ing Holistic Wellness- &-Health,
Participatively-Cooperative Democratic Neighbourhood Sub-Parliaments 

and whilst at the same time, all of the multiple-human-livings

individuals up the traditionally deluded “pay-scale” pyramid

join in establishing a
New Sustainworthying World Civilisation
based upon “one-human-being-needs- just-one-human-living”

  • which can be achieved
    by also establishing a Cooperatively-Capitalistic Financial Core
    to the New Civilisational Pyramid
  • .
  • by depositing into a new World Sustainworthying Fund
    their surplus assets and incomes, all that is over and above the standard entitlement of
  • just one-human-living each 


Go ahead – cogitate and scrutinise this Vital-Matter’s ins and outs –
and  ongoingly stop avoiding it and instead be cooperatively-creatively discussing it –

With every due respect from us “on this othewr side”  already striving to improve self and civilsation

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