Standing Up For Our Vital Needs

Today 1105 Wednesday 28 June 2017
the following has been sent to a worldwide “Sustainability” promoting oprganisation

Please visit and seriously “scrutinise” matters of great concernin three not-for-profit, power, nor prestige e-sites; ; ;
and through over 600 submissions from John Sydney Denton Miles/ JSDM39B1
-published since May 2010  by the UK Westminster Parliament House of Lords’s small group e-site .
The current world-civilisations’ and United Nations organisations are none of them “longest-term-sustain-worthy”,
nor even “sustain-worthy-ing”.
The United Nations is further reported to be “seriously stuck” and possibly “corrupted” from top down.
There is no “Universal List of All Human Needs”, not even of listing and agreement of basic human material needs, –
nor listings of all or any essential  Earth Lifeforms’ material needs – nor of “non-needs”.   1221 .
“Rights” are vapid without having up-front agreed lists of at least  Lifesupportive Material Needs –
upon which to begin allotting “rights-to-satisfy” – this latter “Human Rights” worldwide “sectoring” being ongoingly
a huge “ballooning” waste of both human and financial, institutional and individual, budgets of timeframes, energies and powers.

{Of course there is much more not being addressed in and around this “The Most Essential Issue of All Life on Earth: Sustain-worthy-ing””…}.

The basics and foundations lists/bibliographies in the above not-for-profit “Earth Citizens e-sites” will give many neglected, even “repressed”,  Sources and Guidances …}

The only organisation I voluntarily belong to is the local Organists one in Plymouth UK;
I find no organisation “worthy” to be joined and fully-supported, simply because they are all avoiding, many inhibitively-opposing, “Longest-Term-Sustainworthy-ing”
Yours sincerely, John Miles.