The Insidiously-Evil “Shadow” of Human-Civilisation –

update 1910 Sunday 25 06 17

There’s a quotation from Foyle’s War
which might be , very apposite in these worldwide-corrupt and warmongering times, too

We are living in evil times –
and as if Hitler wasn’t enough -we get the likes of you –
who capitalise on other people’s misery,
who hurt them and make things worse for them when they are at their weakest –
and it’s with the likes of you
that this
MIRE begins.”
[Speaker: Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Foyle addressing a crooked Civil Defence governmentally protected and privileged public servant]


Worldwide our human-civilisations are “waxing weaker”

by on the one hand both over-consuming-&-wasting Earth’s dwindling life-supports

and on the other waging mutually-destructive and inter-nationally-maiming Wars =

Literally storing-up-troubles
and turning-our-collective-backs-on-them – as being “somebody-else’s “job” – 1332


Following the pains, and pennyworth-‘spiv’-pleasures of “Foyle’s War” on TV
the cut-and-thrust and helpless cowering away from unavoidable bombing and rationing-privations

turns one’s disturbed emotions into bodily discomforts and pains –

and one has to pause the screen –
and go and lie down, until the discomfort subsides.

By my side I have a serious (non-fiction) book, of one subject or another,

The Dark Side of Christian History it is this week, by Helen Ellerbe

and that too has to be bookmarked frequently –

especially since the subsequent world-wide  human-civilisational “Shadow”
as well as individual nations’ “undealt-with historical and environmental “shadows”

all are  “insidiously pressuring-up”
and nation-by-nation growing much worse and
“not in our pay-grade”;
and “none-of-my-private-business” –

and worse-than-2008 mega-financial collapse is increasingly “on the cards”
as is the escalation of both “Peaceful Street Protest Marches”
and All-Out Internationally-Disturbing Bloody Street Civil-Wars
in increasing numbers of territorial places around the globe.


And even ‘though we need to be personally-individually “self-sustain-worthy-ing”


it increasingly feels “too damned late” every day –



. Your thoughts, if you will please – – –
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