Again then :- We Need: a Sustainworthy World-Civilisational Constitution, and Regulatory-Practique



 So today “how sustainworthying” have you been,
(i)   of yourself

(ii)  of your immediate two-environments (a) the Natural, biological, and ecological  (b) your immediate civilisational things ?


(iii)  Personally or Organisationally
of your successively “centrifugalling” and “centripetalling” Earth and Human-Civilisational Environments
[ the greater “waves” that spread outwards from you and your immediate-neighbourhood,
as well as those “waves” coming in to you and your neighbourhood [including workplace 8-hourly-day] from further-off distances ?

especially the latter (iii)
are now in desperate –
– but unconscious
and “cornered-rat-panickingly-prickly”
world-wide war-modes proliferating  –


of a

Peacefully-Revolutionary and Sustainworthily Practical
Earth-Life Survival Strategy

and within that Longest-Term Worldwide Constitutional Advance –

a Human-Civilisation Thrival-Survival Plan

============================================== 2033

                                                 The Peacefully-Revolutionary Practique  ?

I have only been able to “guess”
at  the “what do we Need”
and the
“How should-we-and-could-we start doing that –
both personally-individually and ‘togetherly’  ?”.

All I can ‘come up; with’ is a “Triangulation-ing Fundamental Practical Pattern”


(1)  each human-being as an individual-person be “self-sustain-worthy-ing” – “self-positivising”  (in one’s living-place-“ekingly” efficiently self-improving)
(ii)   two such human-beings (clearly ideally as close neighbours already) building themselves into a ppositive dyad

which then needs to further reach out to a third ‘self-positivising’ person to form a Lifeplace-Threesome. .

(iii)  Such threesomes then link into “sixsomes”, “ninesomes” – and so on into Neighbourhood-Participative
(i) Social/Cultural/Lifeplace-Cooperative Associations
(ii)  Cooperatively Participatory Democratic Neighbourhood-Sub-Parliaments 


These Threesomes become the new “sustain-worthy-ing” basic Life-and-Civilisation-supporting “building blocks”.

——————– 2100