“Today Is The First Day – Of The Rest Of Your Life”


There’s a little voluntary “Flyer” appearing in a very few places -.




Whatever any and all of the Organisations you belong to, you ‘own’, or that own you,

And whatever they dictate, teach, tell, require or forbid of you and/or other-members,


You will always be faced with the one Truth, Fact,  and minute-to-minute Necessity


To be owning and owning-up-to

Every part of your Self


And to every part of the Universe’s and this Earth’s Common-Life-Needs & Hows

Start now checking these Many-Needs

  • Overleaf is blank, for you to make your self-notes on –

can help, with published neglected basics, too

Not-for-Profit, Power, nor Prestige –

simply for Life.

“Go For Your Life – now“


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