WANTED: from 0300 today Thursday 22 June 2017 –

(1)   “kindly visit” hand-out cards for “http://lifefresh.net –


(3)  organ music sight-reading glasses.

===================================== .0430 ============

begun 1800 Wednesday 21 June 2017
an All-Sides Reporting News Media.


Even the current
“most non-suppressive

of all the worldwide TV networks

[one of which is RT News 24/7 in English]

are still falling short of becoming

“thoroughly-fit-for-longest-term sustainworthy-purpose”


but some, meaning “most” media
are suppressive of our human Race ands Civilisational Needs
and insanely-greedily-establishmentally-selfish
in the Worldwide as well as National matter
of “generic-essentiality-&-sufficiency”

which covertly dominate not only SKY TV, CNN, and the BBC
but other big stations such as Chinese, French, and ASrabic –

 but also smaller Radio, TV and Newsprint media.

Since “I” need a legal-neighbourhoods-people institution
dedicated to Holistic Health building and Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthy-ing,

there must be millions of other likeminded people,
needing that same serious kind of Facilitation too –

so why do none exist

(locally here that means around Plymouth –
but they can’t be found on the Internet either)




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