Unsolved or Non-resolved “Problems” –



From “let’s be going together -”   (to the tune of “Let Me Call Your Sweetheart”)

every-one needs, but  not “instant-gratificationally”, an heterosexual-oppo –

however, every-one needs first to be both holisticly-healthy-enough

and (furtherwards) to be also already
“sustainworthyingly healthily heterosexualing”
their own whole self,
preparatorily for co-heterosexually-oppo-ing

with one’s agreeing oppo –

======================  0944 =========================-

Your, or Our ‘nextly’ problem might be,
one’s greaterly [or in full “greater-worldly”)-prioritous need
to be somehow self-spiritually “self-backing-up” –

and impregnably “all round & in-depth defensively” –



your life-experience “sageness” is as well as always will be

welcome –

======== 0945  time here to be a-going out soon =============
1310 today Choir in St Andrews church Plymouth “recital”
[Gabrielle (Lewis) RCO organ-teacher and music-events local organiser explains 40 minutes, to fit the surrounding workplaces’ lunch-hour ] ending ~1350.