Today – 0800 was this-“corner’s” ——-> re-up time – thank you for the thank you – 0803 out in prep for lone-outing

Your holisticly-sustainworthying steward here (jsdm39B1)

was for the last 120 minutes-odd

going to our co-virtual horizontally ‘relaxing’ co-progressively-awaring and enabling ‘co-private-‘ room –


or going out to an aforesaid cafeteria and ‘life-normally biding-the-time –
and then,
when another place ‘resurrects’ into Lifesupportiveness
[e.g. the church with a playable organ usually after 8 a.m.]

I’ll need to taxpayers-prepaid-bus to nearby enough to hobble to and from “It” =


then return to 39B, refresh, chore a few things,
then (later on)
take up a fresh 90-plus-ten minutes “co-spiritual co-self-normalisng horizontal semi-activity” cardinal time-slot ..



============ 0556 Wednesday 21 June 2017 ============happens to be 0600 start now —

How About You ?