0511 — after 0400 Wednesday 21 06 17 —> —> Move-On : Be-Still – : 0452-3-4-5-6-7-8-9—-> 05 – 06 -=—-> up-ing & moving on —————–> 0511 —>

0511 —>  moving on ——->
0330 up-ing (sic, no need to ‘sort’ this apparent mispelling or error, thank you, it’s simply short for “getting-up, arising out of bed)

 by 0400 your 39B1 will be “following” any co-spiritual-moving-alongness)

[[[ yesterday Tuesday was self-bath-ing morning
– before going out, with a new “life-enablement book and starting to record all of one’s “details” —
to be now daily continued  ]]] 0518 Wednesday

today Wednesday might see you – and a few other “like-mindeds”
and me john s.d. [this site’s reporter, author, publisher, “runner” -)
included in some legal and even holistic-health-building, focal-conversation and discussion making
but where find such a cooperative “conversational cup-of-tea gathering” and safe place ?

accessibly in your locality of course

or anywhere in Plymouth [only one we know of is the Derriford hospital ground-level “walk-in” Cafeteria – open 24/7 –
but it’s not “conversationally-facilitated”
as a “common-lifeplace” –  it’s “privately-owned” including by some “junk-food peddlers”
(and would have to be reachable by Taxi  —
and  have to be paid for up-front in cash out of your tax-monies, they’re our only life-supports)