How Would A Wholely Participative and Objective Democracy Really Need To Work ?

Your pleasure,
should you choose to exercise it,
might be to put the following list of Factors in some prioritous-order
and to complete it as far as you find possible :-

(1) (a)  Publicly deconflate, distinguish, and dictionary-constitute such verbal-differences as

(i) Workplace “leaders” [who are in fact non-emulable commanders anyway]
(versus as-it-were)
(ii)  Lifeplace leaders who “by definition” need to be both emulable and exemplary

(2)  Voting needs to be for Lists of Needs and their Priorities and “How-Best-Satisfied”
instead of for
hundreds of failed and further-failing  representative-advocates
as “our” members-of-parliament and “enforcement rulers”
[who are dominantly lawyers and  overpaid ‘private-individual-capitalists’ as well]

(3)  Do away with the farce of “public debating”
and establish the proper participatory and objective democratic sequence of
(i)   Cooperatively sharing all of the relevant Information for public-focused-conversation
(around neighbourhood Round-Tables and in successive Plenums)

(ii) Cooperatively seriously and in-depth discussing that Information and our Needs and Hows

(iii)  Leave the “debating” = “only one side can win: the other must lose”  smoke-and-mirrors politicians-dominating public “debating”
until last of all

and confine it to two much smaller, and more merit and life-experience-worthy peoples’-advocates stocked,

once the Democratic Vote for Lists of Needs & Hows is established

(iv) a reformed Civil Service could do the offices and paperwork {there are already “surfeits” of both Civil Servants and Parliamentarians


(v)  there will be needed only a numbers-reduced, “decimated”,  Houses of Parliament
where workplace-merit and lifeplace-emulable leadership
would be the primary qualifications –


(vi)  we would no longer constitutionally “need” such inaccessibly-remote, “machine-like”, and  “hot-air” apologies for a Democratic Parliamentary System.

(  continuable  )

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