“Clearly” Some Real-Sustainworthying Life-&-Civilisation Leaders Are Reading This Site –

  •  but both Local and World Situations necessitate “incognito” and “wisely-covert” –  “participation-ings” –
    Britain still has no True Holistic Health Building Service (and Buildings) –
    nor even the building of holistic-health-building buildings);  but reportedly Spain has – – –


  • So what other countries have an Holistic Health-building Service
    (as well as a Medical Illnesses and Hospitals Sector such as the monopoplistic British NHS) ?


  • there is a deep (and deliberate) “human-mind-food conflation” in entrenched constitutional-place, between “health in its true sense of wellness and wellbeing”
    and ” ‘Health’ in its false-sense of “prestigious-&-powerful doctor-owned-disease, illnesses and hospitalisations” –
    in a monopoly evidenced by inverted professional attitudes and definitions whereby “health”  is disease-and-illness-fighting
    dominantly over true-health-and-wellness-building as a separate non-invasive generic-people-and-persons-educational-sector as very distinct from the “doctor-patient” sector.

— 0430 M19 June 2017 ——