“The Top-Experts’ New Trick’ll Actually Down You” – there is not even a “drip” down, let alone a “trickle” –

RT News, Researches, and documentary reports,
including UNICEF’s findings,

that [our] UK children,
and low-incomes individuals and classes,
are receiving hardly any of their real and basic Human Civilisational Needs
(equally-to-the-needs of every “level” of their “more-socially-mobile-superiors and ‘betters'” )

let alone an adequate share of the “advances in  affluence”
that are ‘proportionately’ and ‘imaginatively-derivatively’ being “created
by those upwards-Babel-Towering multiple-human-livings rich “Leaders” and “Governors” –

the super-rich (£ Trillion and hundreds-of-billions Individual-Capitalists),

the “normal”-rich (billions and tens of billions p.a.),

“upper-middle-class multiple millionaires”.

“middle-middle-class single-millionaires and multi-hundreds-of-thousands { ‘earners’ } “,

“lower-middle-class” (100,000 p.a. down to 40,000),

and “upper-lower-class” (40,000 down to 20,000 p.a;)

and when our world population was hardly 2 billion,
we sent hundreds-of-thousands of our best men and women, and children , into raging war-battles
and ‘wholesale-genocides, mass-annihilations, and civilisational structures-destructions =

now with such growing  “plague-proportions”
billions of largely “failing” human-hands and minds

“what price the life of a human-being ?”

——————————–1830 Friday 16 06 17 ————————


None of the Governmental and “Free-Market” News and Documentary Bodies are informing us about
the downwards-plunging
“evaluation of human-life”

up and down that 7.4 billion mouths and hungry-hands over-populating People-Pyramid

negatively-compounded by the decreasing life-supportiveness of this Planet Earth –

what an impossibly-conflicting pair of human-attitudes and intentions :-

(1) “human life is open-endedly upwards-growing “sacred”

(2) “human-populations are combining to become an increasingly life-destructive “plague” on this Earth.

“We” were, and still are in hypocrisy quite willing and aggressively-determined to send our best people to be slaughtered,

and more than “keen” to blame and “cleanse-away” “foreign peoples”.