Co-Operating Our Co-Sustain-worthy-ing

‘Though your 24/7 week is divided into a 40-hours Workplace and a 128-hours Lifeplace,
you still need to be an ever-improving “actress” or “actor”.-



A UK Tantric-therapy couple have just been excluded from Sustainworthying due to their life-destructively-discrimination against people over 75 years of ‘age’.

We could co-note that whenever any one of us acts, lives and/or works “negatively-discriminatingly”
the Natural, as well as the Morally-Sustainable Civilisational, and ‘Godly’ reflex,
is to instantly-curtail our personal-and-collectivisable “store” of “sustainworthiness-points”.


[In public I often “say to myself aloud” – “you failed that part lose 1 ‘cubby’-point …”
(the male and masculine parallel with a female and feminine ‘brownie’-point) ]




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