One of them – called eHarmony – has sent me some “matches” – here’s what I have to Reply :-

Since I can not afford to travel to meet and start a new “Self-and-Civilisation Sustain-worthy-ing Movement” with you –

and since it’s unlikely you could relocate to be with me here in Plymouth UK,
and – anyway –
we’ll need to be already both familiar with and progressing personally-practically through, the new basics
[see  “Basics and Foundations” ;;  and ]
And if you have time, skim through the more than 600 submissions I have submitted to
and had published by, since May 2010,
the UK Westminster House of Lords Parliament’s
[as JSDM – JohnSydneyDewntonMiles
most if not all of which “seed” is not finding fertile human soil to propagatingly  life-supportively thrive in –
“and the days dwindle down – to a precious few- “
I am 90 on the coming 19th of October –
Yours sincerely,
John S.D. Miles of 39B.