The Reasons for, and Purpose of, this e-site:- Our human race is failing, is already into an “extinction slippery-slope”, and here’s why. and what to do about it – … is an “up-front” opportunity to share serious information and discussion,
and to identify, clarify and attempt to resolve,
un-tackled and ‘hidden’ needs and malfeasance [bad-governance] issues.  gives facts and reasoning
as to why living off more than one human living is at least a major cause of that “extinction-slope”
and also has established an insidious “class delusion” and “phantasmagoric-ideology” in the very heart of our human-civilisations worldwide and history-deep. also gives facts, and factors, instances and lists
and neglected publications of human-individual-development,
of holistic-health-building,
and of sustainworthy-living advances,

We can find no existing reliable organisation or other  e-site
that tackles these matters
and provides such a worldwide ‘floor’ for commenting and publicly discussing them.

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