When and Why Do You Switch Your human-race sustainworthying individual or community “see-saw” ?

Instance at 39B1:-  The evening is coming in colder – so all I have to do is upright the fan-heater:  right ?

————————–  {perhaps I could put on a warm dressing gown instead if I have one not in the wash ? }—————


There is neither a mutual-sustainworthying-participatively-democratic-body,
nor a holisticly-healthy-life-sustainworthying neighbourhood-association,
nor an holistic-health-building building and neighbourhoods-network :


so should we respond to such Destructive and Deprivational-Siege Politics and “Culture”
with like Negativity ? –
and call it

“Asking Not What My Nation Can Do For My Increased Sustainworthiness – But How More Hugely Can I Obey And Join-In Its Living Beyond Our and This Earth’s Means” ?
(For instance:  by wrapping up my left overs and past-use-by-date food and dropping them into the democraticly-governed brown one-way Garbage-Bin  :
every day ?  every week ?)

Perhaps since meat is not the healthiest sort of food for us modern and non-cavemen-mentality, and  “God’s Own Chosen People”
to be consuming so much of –
I have a ‘duty’ to buy as much as I can afford, and feed it to the ducks and seagulls /
or to the neighbourhood’s human-happiness-supporting
wandering cats and dogs ?




2100 Monday 05 June 17  =================== jsdm  sustainworthying-supporter reporter, author and publisher ===== need to go ‘choring’ now 2115 ===


[Answers next week if this week remains human-energy-draining instead of co-optimising]