The Sustainworthy Community – 2210 Sunday 04 06 2017

Since sustainworthiness begins with each “self-isolating lone” person “somehow becoming”
not only able & willing to live off just one-human-living [***],
but as far and much as possible, actually doing so –

and then there has to occur the “positive-dyad-ing” of two such persons –

in turn leading on “triangulatingly” to
first, a positive ‘threesome’ [we can’t use the term “triad” because it has already been ‘hijacked’ by Chinese criminal gangs]

and then to a network-development of positive-threesomes
and of all not-yet threesomed dyads and monads.-

that will be the Sustainworthying Community  –

and these not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites are in voluntary support and service thereto . . .

[***]  this “one-human-living” is straightway a sine-qua-non Need needing detailing –

because in 7.4 billion human-bodies, minds, spirits to be co-providing one-human-living each, USA and UK (the new Global-Confrontation current Alliance)
[majorly amongst all other “developed” countries]
need to bring every citizen/resident onto just one-human-living each
{the USA individual is consuming, and largely also “wasting”, some 900^ more than their global-lifesupportive fair-share;

and UK consumes and ‘destroys’ 500% more than his/her fair-share.   {2159} …

[see the David Attenborough hosted younger scientists and people-in-the-grass-roots documentary
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth ]



2100 ——— jsdm –2145  Sn 04 06 17 —– now monitoring News channels, self-refreshing (including Spooks “nice bit of tension  –  keeps the nerves working“) ,
and ‘choring’
—2210 –