Our Human-Race Survival – on BBC TV now until 2300 Thursday 01 June 2017 –

Our Human-Race Survival – possibly depends “absolutely” upon our   –

Every-single-one of our –
7 billion bodies and mouths –

as well as all the established Organisations in Lifeplaces as well as in Workplases,  (2209)

urgently scrutinising and “containing” our Essential Longest-Term Needs

and the Sustain-worthy “Hows” (of meeting those Needs) –  (2211)


On TV right now  until 2300 today :-

2130 to 2300 today Thursday 01 June 2017BBC Parliament TV channel is screening

“Asian Network’s Big Election Debate”

“debating” random questions from an audience  in the University of Birmingham
to a “panel”
[not two debating teams at all]

consisting of Shailash Vara, Khalid Mahmood; Baroness Sheehan; Bob Dhillon; and Leanne Wood.


“We must attack it at its roots”
[ but what are these “roots” ?]

”  ‘XXXXX force’ is an evil organisation seeking to destroy our very way of life ”
[but the “root” of our “way-of-life”
(‘our’ Western English, American, perhaps World-“Democratic” “free-world”)
is at the ‘heart’ of our own constitutionalised civilisation –
and focally is the response-ability as well as responsibility of our “Leaders” –
who are in fact the “cause” and “essence” of the “Problem” –
they fail to internationally establish [as well as intra-nationally]

Method III of ‘No Lose’  Needs & Sustainworthy Hows Prioritising & Cooperative “win-win-win” Problem Solving.

We are in fact a “privilegocraticly-sedentarily-luxurious fgake-democracy”
living at least 500% way beyond our fair-Earth-shares and actual lifesupportive Needs]
———————– 2205 ——– 

The Meeting’s call [to every-one else except their Ex[ert-Panel-Selves] is to

“become part of the solujtion, and cease being part of the Problem – .

The “baroness” sees the prevailing way “not fit for purpose” –

[but the baroness’s “purpose” is to further deeply entrench the Privilegocratic-riches-pyrmaid” English-dominated civilisation] –

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