The Life Balance

This is the way “our” so-called human-civilisational strategic-experts are “balancing” the equation
we are all in together” :-

+ (One-Way-Lifesupports-Destructive-and Extincting “Competitively Technological-Global-Economics”)
+ (Backed-Up by Rule-of-Law Democraticly Decided Massively-Human-Life–Destroying Military-Weapons & Millions of “Boots-Bayonets-and-Bombs on-the-Ground”) = ]}


whilst the “better” civilised human-being you are the higher your “pay-grade” is set at –
the less personally-efficient you have become at life-budgeting itself –

Undeniable Fact:- {[ £300 per week is a sufficient living for one-human-being (to maintain theirself healthy, citizenlike and environmentally-supportive]

therefore, any-one “needing” twice that is only 50% efficient at living – and at “life-budgeting” – that’s in the 128 hours-a-week Lifeplace,
not in the mere 40-hours Workplace where you are not only “safest” but don’t have to spend your own money either)


and a £100.000-a-year “democratic-parliamentary-people’s-advocate and representative – an MP – is less than 15% lifeplace-efficient [at “making ends meet”] —

whilst a psychiatrist on £3,000 a week is only 10% efficient at personal-living in the 128-hour a week Lifeplace – and is deluded that he/she is 10 human-beings –


the big-bank CEO and director claim to be more than 100 human-beings each (on approx £2,000,000 each per annum salary, plus bonuses [even when their committed Job is not properly and completely done] =
and in some cases a big-banker can be given {having lone-international-champion “earned” [being given-‘ransom-money’/’bribed’ –
£5,000,000 p.a. plus bonuses [ = approx £100,000 per week take-home pocket-money ] … )) –


and every Briton is consuming 5(five)-times their fair share of this Earth’s resources and produce –
{ see the David Attenborough-as-host science and factuality documentary “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth” } –




and now China is becoming the Biggest-Yet-World-Economics “LKeader”, by Revolutionarily building a huge network of international roads –

to cart its goods to you
in the East,
in India,
in Africa,
in Russia,
in Scandinavia,
and in Europe –

and to enjoy receiving from you your hard-work produce too –


China  “the World’s New Economic-Sufficiency Ruler” –

But the Earth’s Immediate Lifesupports and ‘Long-Term Carrying-Capacity’ are already in steep decline


whilst “Our – all-in-this-together”  human-population
is run-away irreversibly-massively “ballooning” !


The question stares us in the face –

What “outcome” do you expect –
and probably within your own lifetime ?


Apart from every other Nation of People on this Planet’s governance-responsibility –
how democraticly ready-able-and-willing are you,
to design and implement a thrival survival Strategy for us “Humans” on this Earth –

in preparation for our children’s children’s children to emigrate to the next planet or “Earth-2” ?

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