You Need An Effective Level of “All-Roundness” – in the Lifeplace, not the Workplace –

(Anna -) – for the neglected human development and sustain-worthy living Basics mentioned :- ;


for the probable-need for a “human civilisational emergency-era”
based upon a longest-term strategic “comfortable-common-frugality” of “one human being needs just one-human-living” :- ;

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In your 40 hour a week workplace, you do not spend your own money;

and you are safe, because

(i)  the Employer must make the workplace safe, anyway
(ii)  you are “on top of your required skill” –


in short, the Workplace is comparatively “easy-street“.


The Lifeplace, on the other hand holds unseen dangers and vulnerabilities,
as well as requiring you to build your own living abilities, and is 128 hours “long” [3-times that of the workplace].

and to build your own holistic-health in the negativising-face of the fact that

“under English Law there is no such entity as ‘holistic-health’ –



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