“Three-Party-State” = “Three Blind Mice” 2141


The Future, Historical, and Current-Situation Analysts and Experts are clear,

[“] Our human civilisations on this planet Earth have not yet achieved a truly-participative-democracy

the nearest we have is the oligarchic top-down Three-Party State –

‘rubber-stamped’ at ‘elections’ by the largest-minority of The People,
falsely called “rule-of-law-democracy” [“].

Always the “Popular Democratic Election” political-parties have to avoid the deepest-underlurking
and the sky-highest over-shadowing
real issues, threats, and global predicaments –


avoid their  Nation’s and its various levels of Peoples’  essential needs and barrier-predicaments thereto –

because they have historicly established that
“The People need good-news,
and will not vote to recognise and deal with the bad but unavoidable GFacts and Predicaments.


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