What’s Wrong With Our Human Needs ?

 {Keep this top-space clear for the most vital factor of all, once we’ve found it ?}


(1)  Certainly, we human-animals are the naturally-biological fhe weakest on this planet Earth


(2)  “our” technology

[it could be an “injected” fast-track brought by more advanced “extra-terrestrials”
who nonetheless are probably still learning theirselves]

certainly we have become
(3)   the most destructive of all creatures
[of non-renewable resources]

and the most extincting against even our own biological lifesupports

ominously-possibly incapable of living in comfortable-frugality
off just one-human-living each [instead of the runaway phoney Private Individual Values & Rights “competitive” pyramid
whereunder even “mind” experts such as psychiatrists (for instance) are deluded
that they are each more than one human being,
and [therefore] fakely “need” multiple-human-livings
(on top of all their business expenses paid by their Employer) ].


Such factors are also essential to be acted upon, in the other recent post below,
on evaluating every current Civilisation on this Earth for “Sustain-Worthy-ness”

How sustainworthy – and sustainworthying – is every individual
throughout the 7+ billion human-beings around today’s world ?

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