The New Sustainworthying Relationship, Marriage, and Neighbourhood-Family Bases (as at 0807 F 19 05 17)

There is in the “drawing board” {as well as “drawing room”} stages
the aforesaid “Sustainworthy-Civilisation-ing” in progress.

We know much of the foundation-basics already –

and some of us will also be aware that there are at least “dyads”
(some as “couples” too –
or “instead” [dyads including other Lifeplace relationship forming and building,
as well as stipulatively-selected but often misnamed Workplace pairings – ) –


and yet, as Jesus [Christ] is reported top have said to John “the Baptist”, in the water, in the first place

” – Suffer it to be so for now, for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost -”

upon which “holy-cross” your author-publisher Mr John S.D. Miles 39B seems to find himself –


“available for an appropriately heterosexual sustainworthying marriage-arrangement – “


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