Making Yourself and Your Surrounding and Distant Overarching Civilisations – 100% Worthy of Being Sustained (starting e.g. 0500 Friday 19 May 2017)


Recall our instance of the vital distinction between “sustainability” and “sustain-worthy-ness”

Hitler’s Third Reich –
if it had “won” World War 2

[totally –
instead of just ‘fait-accompli’ horribly genocidally, persecutorily, and valuable buildings and materials wastefully, wherever its jackboots and weapons thundered and slashed]

analysts concluded that it would have been “sustainable” for more than the “thousand years” it stipulated –

Our –
and perhaps The –
big-problem was
that it was never “sustain-worthy”. 


Your task now, should you choose to discharge it effectively, is to
look into every going-civilisation around today’s world
[in 1990 there were 11 such (eleven)]

and decide and report to the rest of Humanity
just how sustain-worthy each civilisation
(and component Nation and each sub-component body)
is now
and is likely to remain
[ or even to  improve in future, and how..]

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