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Thursday 20042023>
1st draft-in-progress>

There are many good reasons,
and published non-fictional evidences, 
 for believing that
immensely bad and deadly predicaments
are insidiously onrushing and undermining
our whole civilisation.

And in some very real-sense too,
are actually ‘undermining’ our Leaders
and that includes the whole
(“) ElonMusk-BillGates multi-billionaire-ridden 
Corrupted Life-Values-&-Financial-Exactitudes

This lethally-toxic state-of-affairs
is being made all the worse by
Widespread Mind-Dysfunctional
[see Robert Bolton’s People Skills]
and by much
Media-Misinformationing & Manipulating; 
together with longer-permanently-standing
constitutional-biases & loopholes” 
and what Thomas Sowell
in Economic Facts & Fallacies (2011)
speaks of as 
unintended consequences
(“) ideas which seemed good at the time (“). 

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but ‘hidden’
publications, details & guidances
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almost daily
in this
‘Our’ freely-shared
not-for-profit, power,
prestige nor pretence

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