Facts, Factors, Faces, and ‘Fakes’

… to begin with, don’t forget the increase in “two-faced” and “double-dealing” human-communication and lifestyling …
“pyramidally” –

the higher up
the human-civilisation pyramid
a person, class-of-people, or Nation-of-people are,
in wealth, military and police power, and in properties and personnel-control,

the more all-controlling the “double-dealing”, “deception, and “parasitism” becomes –
downwards and outwards through all People, even genocidally –

there are billions too many People
“ballooning” already into a “human-population-numbers tsunami”
and extending extinctingly-deeply into Earth’s Lifesupports too.-

Human-Civilisation on Earth has become literally


Apart from the two hugely destructive facts of plague-proportion over-populating

and suicidal over-destruction and waste of dwindling
and non-replaceable lifeforms and lifesupports, resources and biomes.


Where do we ‘Brits’ in England stand
in relation to this encompassing Human-World-Predicament ?

Majorly, there is a drive by China –
they hope in an “Alliance” with other “powerful” nations –
to infrastructurally connect China (and the ‘Far East’) to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India –

a huge industrial-transportation roads and railways artery and web-work
from China.

However, we in “pinprick-sized” island Britain
with its new “smart-move” wobbly tottering Brexit
looks very much like a mere “sore appendix”
at the far-end of that ‘revolutionary-gut’ of the new
Chinese Economic-World-Highway –

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