From One of Our ‘Round-Tables’ – 1819 St 13 05 17 – News !

Millions of “virtual-round-tables” are “alive” all around the World – all the time –
24/7 continually well-attended, by billions of ‘ordinary-people’,

all seeking to help make this Earth
and us Human-Civilisations upon it,
truly “longlasting-lifesupportive” –


[our not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites here, call this

“self-and-civilisation co-sustain-worthy-ing” -]

it would also “pass” as “longlastingly-lifesupporttive” –


and no doubt is elsewhere expressed as a number of similarly worded “longest-term-strategic Purposes“.


– .just today –

welcome to  Adam,

and to three “real-human-life-emissaries” from one of our best European-Friendly countries – Aileen; Phil; Stephen


[Please note that unless otherwise declared “up-front” full real-life names are not revealed –
we use only “friendly-masking” names
in the Common Interest of Human and Earthlife “goodwill”
and of “co-constructive sustainworthy-ing longest-term intention, wish or allowance”


————– 1823 Saturday 13 May 2017  ———— your author-publisher  JSDM ———————