Actively Engage in The World’s Problems -1800 Friday 120517

We need

to “Actively engage in our World’s problems -“

  • which may be worse than Britain’s
    and in effect
    Life-criminal problem
    and also
    this Earth’s total resources and lifesupports
    to the ‘tune’ of

  • 500% [five-hundred-percent] more than  our fair share
    as equal-human-beings with all others of the worldwide 7,000,000.000+ (7 billion] other human-bodies and mouths
  • ============================= 

    Incidentally, at a much “lesser/lower” world and stratedgic level   [ – i.e. merely-national in the U.K. – “Great-Britain” ]

  •  only one of Britain’s Political and Establishmentarian Leaders has publicly stated this “World-Problem”
    as our “new” Survival-Task to start being “co-tacklerd”£ –

    • but they remain “nameless”, being overwhelmingly-unpopular,
      and consequently are unlikely to “win” enough seats in the imminently last-ditch
      but “new” General-Election
      of the [already Tory Theresa May-Dominated] Great-British Parliament.

    ============ 1827 Friday 12 May 2017  —- jsdm, your author-publisher ===========