The New Life-Order – call it what-you-will . . .

In point of Detail,
neither this Earth
nor any future supportive-place
for this Earth’s homo-sapiens-sapiens,
can be expected to oppose the Self-Extinction of this current Human-Race

Neither Life-Itself  nor this Earth’s Supports for It
are now in any position to allow –
nor in any iota encourage –
imbalancing :

nor “allow” the  “skipping”
of Natural-evolution and progress
nor of Civilisational sequential-time-frame Tasks and “steps”.

You, yourself, and “I”, for instance:

(i) established yourself “self-sustainworthying” (24/7 continuously) -your-many=parts-self,

and thenly

(ii)  begun co-taskly building your first dyad-sustainworthiness-ing bases and “nett-progress” recording –
again continuously nett-24/7 –

you will need to be

(iii) co-positivisingly and inter-accountably
“sustain-worthy-ing” your Civilisation –
entailing “up-scaling” “sustain-worthy-ing” –

whilst down-scaling every “non-sustainworthy” thing
[maybe “alas! ]

person –
It means “cutting-down” [to “size”]
every under-sustain-worthy-ing person,

every family,

and every neighbourhood, community,
or other ‘collection’-of-persons,

“cutting-down” any group, club, party, organisation, nation, class,

and Other-Body .of people.-
including “capping” all individual-property-&-‘wealth’

and terminating altogether Individual-Capitalism and “Private” Wealth and “Rights”

in favour of “Cooperatively-Capitalistic-Sustainworthying”  …

———————– 2100 Wednesday 10 May 2017 —————-

As one Mrs Margaret Williams
(nee Crow then of Saltash Secondary School, Cornwall near Plymouth before either of us “went up” to university)
once said to your now-author-publisher here
–  a propos our Need for greater Public Safety: –

“Make it work -. if need be, simply sign a public letter ‘Civis’ “