Sustainability versus Sustainworthiness – enter “Foundational-Civilisation-Formulation”.

0603 Saturday 06 May 2017

This planet Earth
which we homo-sapiens sapiens “triumphantly” call “Ours” –
is in a very real sense now increasingly “under siege-to-the-death” –
and evidently because our Leading and our Ruling People made –
and are still somehow “locked” into continuing –
two subtle but insidiously-terminal errors in

.A.   We (our leaders, rulers, elders and betters) failed civilly, geographicly, and economicly,
in the “Right-Balancing” of two vital factors for the Thrival-Survival of Life
.1. (“Our”) Advancing Technology [including Life and Buildings-Destructive Weaponry]
.2.  Earth’s Lifesupportive ‘Carrying-Capacity’.-

which led to
.3.   over-“harvesting” of (both)
(i) living-lifesupports (for Food, Drink, and Clothing); and
(ii)   “fossil”-&-Non-Bio life-and-civilisation-supports e.g. for shelters, buildings, roads,and vehicles.

.B. This set in “growth” an increasing populations percentage  (‘human-babies-making’)
which in turn has “ballooned” upwards to become “a run-away human plague upon Earth”  –

which in turn has become an uncontrollable vicious set-of-destructively-uroboric circles –
eating away the heart-&-spirit of humankind
and at the same time by our own increasing “hand”
eating-and-burning-away the Life and Civilisation Supports of this planet Earth.
.C.   Our urgent Need to make Self-and-Civilisation Sustain-Worthy
whilst making “Sustainability” second-order
must be first-priority tackled here ‘nextly’  –

———– 0605 St 06 05 17 break for self-maintenance and immediate-environment ‘choring’   —-jsdm author-publisher —-