Facts: whilst we are all being subjugated to “market-dominating” hedonistic fantasies – need “fresh-air”

Fact:-   Homo sapiens sapiens
– by ignoring Life-Threatening Facts –
is probably unawarely “drowning” in a civilisational  “cataract” of mistaken “divine-right” –

with its class-&-personal-delusions
and gross-social and workplace fantasies
including sickening-phantasmagorias.

(that’s us –
yes, even  those few, including many “lower-educated” & “lesser-paid”, of us
who seem to be aware that we have been, and maybe still are –
despite our efforts to become self-&-civilisation sustain-worthy-ing
at least somewhat over-consuming-&-destroying more than our fair share of this Earth’s Lifesupports –

and continuing ‘blindly’ to be Populisticly-Politically herded along “All-In-This-Together”
yet failing-to-form
scrutiny-and-proactivity-capable democratic-and longest-term sustain-worthy holistic-health-co-building

—–    2219 Saturday 06 May 2017 —– jsdm  suthor-publisher —-Not-for-Profit, Power nor Prestige —and personally altruisticly ——-