Continuing the below “Sustain-Worthy-ness-ing”

Making yourself,
and alternately co-making your Civilisation,
by the hour,
the day,
the week,
the month,
the year,
the five-years,
the ten-years,
the fifty-years,
the hundred-years,
the thousand years,
the ten-thousand-years –
and beyond –

is not “unconditional”, not a “given” nor  a “guaranteed Right” –
any more than Forgiveness is.-

They each depend upon your – and your civilisation – doing more “good” and less “harm”, than previously.

Only as long as you maintain each sustain-worthy-ing step forward –
can your sustainworrthiness become and remain “cumulative”.


— 0639  St 06 05 17 —- jsdm  author-publisher Not-for-Profit, Powert, nor Prestige  [only for Sustainworthy-Purpose] —