British People’s Overwhelmingly-Failng “Conservative” Majority

0845 Wednesday 03 May 2017

British People’s Overwhelmingly-Failng “Conservative” Majority

“Needs” to even further constitutionally increase
the already prevailing “Failure-Powers”
of the British People and their Establishment

focally- today and tomorrow of Theresa May and the Tory Party already in dominant government-power –

an already deeply-failing Power-Political-Party – the UK Tories,
literally a “one-way-dictatorial”
further 5 years
of even more autocratic ‘super’-power

will never ever –
even “magicly”
nor by “God-Given Dunkirk-Miracle”
give those privilegedly-overpaid and over-protected
but underfit-for-purpose

the absolutely-necessary

Ability and Willingness

to “No-Lose and Win-Win-Win”

get every-one’s Real and Longest-Term Needs ,
on a constituted minimum standard of One-Human-Living-Each,
met – all round 

as well as enabling them to
provide the further necessary Rights and Supports thereto,
to sustainably, sustainworthily-affordably, and  peacefully
every one of those Needs.

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