“Flash” Guidances

1151 T 02 May 2017

Since not many of us,
if any, even worldwide,
are living – “The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth” –
(of this Life on Earth and into the hopefully “still-alive” far-distant future)
and are doing so both sufficiently and effectively.

in order to at least sometimes be “together”, “on the same page”, “singing the same songwords” and “at the same time” and “so on and so forth” –
it becomes daily-expedient to follow-the-nearest-visible or otherwise perceptible “lead”.

some of which will be “orthodox” –

[and many of these we shall have heard before, sometimes ‘ad nauseam’]
especially the populisticly-clothed and media-sensationalised “facts” –
“breaking news”,
and “urgent-democratically-debating matters”

and some may be plethoricly and dominantly ever-recurring,
such as the clearly-trumpeted “we’re all in this together”

but also much more insidiously hidden and dominating
“The powers-that-be must divide people in order to rule over them commandingly”] .


{Today from RT TV News “Watching The Hawks” in English
is being worldwide broadcast by one of us ordinary proactive citizens-on-the-ground,
insight into “Secretly Invasive People Surveillance by Governments – as well as by ‘Rogue and Terrorists Bodies’  “.

Derrick Broze follows “Agorisms” – supporting non-aggression,
and seeing that Economics needs counters in order to re-balance it
and to prevent it from extincting our bio-lifesupports
and from destroying this Earth’s non-renewable Resources (such as the Fossil-Fuels and rare-minerals ) –

1151 a.m. T 02 May 17


Other guidelines will be less popularly touted,
less “easily” find-able and follow-able –

Such remain, for you yourself, “plentifully archived” but deep within past-publications –

One such is ‘oddly’ titled
Riding The Horse Backwards by Amy & Arno ld

Right here and now, the “essence” we need from this non-fiction research in to “Life-Know-How” is :-

Not only does riding a horse backwards improve your ability to ride it “forwards” –

but so will deliberately “handicapping” yourself in thousands of other “living-life-microskills”  –

================== 1000  02  ==================

{your humble servant this author-publisher here,  has found that in some cafes where you are already weel-kn own

it is possible to “practice” such “self-improvement ‘excursions'”

e.g. by single-attentively trying out each finger in the wiping of the Yoghurt-bowl’s last thin streaks
after you’ve just finished spooning-up its “majority content”

[ less ‘popularly’ one may firmly lick the butter remnant off the non-sharp back of your knife … ]

[one of the deeper “secrets” here being
to be doing so with your alternative hand,
and either covertly or overtly spelling out a key-word in “body-movement morse-code” to some emulable (or otherwise) rhythm  -]