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Human Civilisation’s ‘blind-spot’, ‘Achilles-heel’, or ‘vulnerable-underbelly’
is still the long-term failure by both Governances and Peoples world-over

(1) construct a Sustain-Worthy Lifesupports-Equation
and Dynamicly-Flexible-Constitutional-Basis thereupon

(2)  to Implement such an Equation’s Practicums at least non-destructively-&-non-extinctingly.


“Historicly” the “Human Ship of State” became “holed-below the waterline”
when it failed to solve the insidiously-increasing imbalance
between Earth’s Longest-Term Natural Lifesupports, Resources & Stock-in-Ground
people over-population numbers “increasingly technologicly over-armed”
with “tools-as-well-as-weapons-of-mass-destruction”.

Because essential goods-and-services could only be achieved by plenty of human-hands,
there being no technological “leverages”,
a large workforce was the first essential;
similarly to the Australian Continent remaining evolutionarily “unconscious”
that other Continents with Other-Lifeforms could exist across the Seas,
and could some day begin “invading” and,
there being no ready-evolved self-balancing ecosystem to control them,
could rapidly as well as longer-term insidiously, imbalance and even destroy
naturally long- established sub-ecosystems and symbiotic-communities,

The much greater insidious-inner-“Virus”
now ‘eating-away’ within our whole Human Civilisation
but maybe already beyond our control “eating-away” the Whole of Higher Life on this Earth,
came into Human-Civilisation with the concomitantly ill-disciplined
surges in
(i)  technological-tool-power,
(ii)  “apparent free-for-the-picking” of Earth’s “increase” in “fruits-of-nature”,
(resulting in)
(iii) an insidiously-ballooning (and now runaway-) increase in people-populations; and
(iv) an equally “runaway” irreversible diminution of non-renewable resources and over-extinction of bio-lifesupports.


In a real sense, our Human Race on this Earth has “unwittingly” become
a poverty-stricken-and-diseased
dying-planetary-spaceship” –

with nowhere to go – but “down and out“.

Unless –  –  –  –  –

 but  how possible is it for all and every-one of us to greatly-increase our co-making of
both our individual-&-personal-self’s
and our whole human civilisation’s
“longest-term sustain-worthiness” ?

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